Monthly Archives: September 2009

A Hyeana casualty

A Spotted Hyeana carcass was found on the road recently, with its head, feet and tail all removed. In some areas people view Hyeanas with a  high degree of superstition and their body parts are often used for traditional medicine. It was badly mutilated and is was unclear if it had been killed on the […]

Cheetah photos at last

Well, the cameras have been out and we are starting to get a few photos. The first one is on farmland where two male cheetahs are checking out the scent marks left by other cheetahs on this water pump. You may think of cheetahs as being typically diurnal species, but we have found that on […]

A new task for our conservation dogs

We have been diligently collecting Brown Hyeana scats as part of our census with a view to analysing the DNA to identify the individuals within the population. Being a less known and less studied species, however, little genetic work has been done on them to date, and we are not confident that the genetic markers […]