Monthly Archives: July 2009

Cameras and Canines

With the arrival of a shipment of much needed camera traps, I am finally able to start using Snoopy in another way to help with the carnivore census. Instead of simply collecting the scats for analysis, I have now set up some cameras at places where Cheetahs have been deposiiting scats and are likely to […]

Kings of the Castle

Here is a photo of two beautiful male cheetahs. The one on the┬áright is the one we fitted with a radio-collar recently. They are using the whole reserve and I suspect strongly that they are the dominant coalition in the area. We are hoping to replace the radio-collar soon with a GPS collar, that automatically […]

The nose knows!

While out and about today, Snoopy, our resident cheetah scat sniffing dog, showed us quite how easy it is for dogs to smell differences we cannot see. We are currently working on farmland and were driving transects to pick up footprints of animals that have passed by the night before, and saw a large predator […]