Monthly Archives: August 2008

Doggy bootcamp

We are lucky enough this week to have Louise Wilson, a specialist sniffer dog trainer from Wagtail UK Ltd, out to help with our sniffer dog programme. Having made good progress with Snoopy, I was struggling to get Barclay’s concentration and Louise has stepped in to help. By assessing both the dogs and my training […]

Baby Boom

Here it is! The first photo of this year’s litter of Wild Dog puppies. There are only six in the photo but there are in fact seven puppies. It is extremely exciting as not only are they remarkably cute, but they are the future of the Venetia Pack. There were other babies seen yesterday as well, this time […]

Leopards everywhere

Our call-ups on Mapungubwe National Park took place over two very cold nights and, while we were chilled to the bone, they were a great success. We had good responses from Spotted Hyaenas at all sites, and on the second night we were lucky enough to see Brown Hyaena, Porcupine, 3 Bat-Eared foxes and a […]


We have seen them at last! I am extremely pleased to report that there are seven new members of our Wild Dog pack. They are doing extremely well to raise so many with only three adults and yearling. Wild Dogs can be very resiliant and bounce back quite quickly in suitable areas. If most of […]