Monthly Archives: July 2008

Where are the pups?

We are still waiting to see this year’s litter of Wild Dog pups, due to the fact that they have chosen a den site in a very rocky area that is almost impossible to access.  While last year they denned in an old advark hole in the far south of the reserve, this year they […]

Lions under pressure

We are experiencing very cold weather at the moment so sitting on the front of the vehicle in the tracking seat is proving to be quite a test of endurance. The spoor counts on Mapungubwe National Park are proving to be very interesting and showing marked differences in predator densities compared with on Venetia, which […]

Unusual find

It is very unusual that we come across a predator that we struggle to firmly identify, but just that happened this week. A guide brought in a dead cat to the research centre that he had found on the road, claiming it was a highly secretive Black-Footed Cat. Our interest was immediately sparked as this […]