Monthly Archives: June 2008

Counting cats

Our work on Mapungubwe National Park is well underway and we are already seeing great differences in predator densities when compared with Venetia. Mapungubwe has a lot of leopards! We expected this from camera-trapping work we carried out a few years ago, but the difference between the two reserves is startling. Mapungubwe is wonderful leopard […]

Update on the Limpopo-Shashe Transfrontier Conservation Area

The meeting in Zimbabwe to discuss the predator management plan for the new transfrontier conservation area, covering the corners of Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa where they meet, was highly productive. It seems that March next year is the date that we will see the fences beginning to come down, which is a huge triumph […]

New Kids on the Block

Some exciting news on the lion front! We have some newcomers in the area and they are looking in fabulous condition. Mungojerrie was found on our northern fenceline late in the afternoon, pacing up and down and obviously extremely agitated. Wendy was out tracking the Wild Dogs at the time and left him, only to […]

Wild Dog Pupdate

We have Wild Dog news that is both good and bad. Beginning with the sad news, I am sorry to have to report that we have lost another dog. This time, Carat, a subordinate dog who was wearing a collar, was picked up as being away from the pack and stationary for a couple of […]