Monthly Archives: May 2008

Something smells fishy

One of the methods we are using for our census is scent stations, surrounded by swept sand. The idea is that any animals passing by will stop to sniff the scent pad, thereby leaving their tracks in the sand to be recorded. In the middle of the scent stations we place a pad soaked in […]

Meet the team

While I head up the project, I have invaluable assistance from my fieldwork team and could not do without them. Azwifarwi is a student working with the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Conservation Leadership Group. He originally came on a six month internship but we are very happy to announce that he is going to extend his […]

Photos for Theresa

Here is the beautiful Rumpleteaser. What a cat!  This Caracal was photographed walking down a fence late last year. It is the angle and perspective of the photo that makes it look so out of proportion.

We hate birds

We do not really hate birds, but they are certainly not helping us out at the moment. We have set up scent stations along our spoor count transects with delicous scent such as fermented egg and fish oil on a pad of cotton wool in the middle of an area of swept, watered sand. The […]

Mungojerrie and Rumpleteaser

There is a pair of young lions that have been wandering around Venetia for some time now that have proved extremely elusive when it comes to managing to put a collar on them, so we are all extremely excited at having finally succeeded. Mungojerrie and Rumpleteaser are brother and sister and, in my opinion, are […]

Azwifarwi plans his next move

Azwifarwi, my very able field assistant, is working towards his diploma in Nature Conservation and as part of that needs to complete a project on animal behavior. After much deliberation, he has decided to focus his study on the pack of Wild Dogs on Venetia. The pack are somewhat more skittish than usual after having […]

A big Thank You and a big race

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of you who have donated to us last month. In particular Theresa S. and Antonio Canella, but also to our anonymous donors. Your help is appreciated and we will keep you posted with the progress from the GPS collar once we have fitted it. There […]