Monthly Archives: April 2008

Update on the Cheetah family

Our next door neighbours were lucky enough to have a cheetah sighting on Sunday, close to their house. They only saw one Cheetah and said she was moving quite fast, but thought it was a female. They also commented on how dark she was, which was something we noticed about the female with the cubs, […]

Tough times for Barclay

Poor Barclay had a hard lesson on life in the bush this week. I am encouraging him to get out into the bush and to search around in the long grass, as he will need to do, and while he was out playing in the long grass in our yard, he had a run-in with […]

Searching with Snoopy

I took Snoopy out and we searched the road where the cheetah footprints were but sadly did not turn up anything. Snoopy and I are both learning as we go so I wondered if perhaps he was not searching properly, or was getting distracted so I decided to test if this was the case. I […]

Cheetah family reunited!

The Cheetah family that had become split up by one of the cubs finding its way through the reserve boundary fence has been reunited. On our way to the area where they were last seen calling to each other through the fence, we picked up the tracks of the whole family walking along a road. […]

Cheetah family split

I am in the lucky position that my husband’s farm lies directly adjacent to the De Beers Venetia Limpopo Nature Reserve and falls within the greater boundaries of the Limpopo-Shashe Transfrontier Conservation Area. We have myriad wildlife species on the farm, but also farm on a modest scale with goats. Obviously there can be conflict […]

The demise of Dalerwa

It is with heavy hearts that we have to report the sad death of one of our Wild Dogs, an adult male named Dalerwa. We thought we had lost him earlier in the month when the dogs came across a group of Lions in thick bush. The pack, minus Dalerwa appeared unscathed and we assumed […]

Call-ups on Mapungubwe National Park

The call-ups on Mapungubwe National Park went well, though with a few unexpected responses. Like on Venetia, there was no response at all at the first site of the night, but the second site saw three inquisitive Spotted Hyaenas coming in to see what was going on. Further along, we heard Spotted Hyaenas whooping enthusiastically […]