Monthly Archives: March 2008

Canine capers

One of the pitfalls to avoid with training sniffer dogs is that the dog mustn’t be following the handlers scent to the hidden scent article. We may not like the idea of it, but to our canine friends, we smell very strong and it is very easy for them to follow where we have been. […]

An unsolved mystery

From time to time we come across animals that have died from unnatural causes, and we always make efforts to investigate these where possible. We keep records of roadkills and take hair samples for DNA to store for future use. This week has seen the sad demise of a Bat-eared Fox, which was killed on […]

Introducing our new Hyaena…

Here is a photograph of one of the Hyaenas taken during our recent call-ups. It is a young animal and we think it is a male, though it can be hard to tell for sure on young animals. All our animals get an individual alphanumeric code to identify them, but we also give them names. […]

Seeing Spots

Two cool still nights provided perfect conditions for our call ups. Too much wind can disrupt the distance the call carries and in the past we have had to postpone our survey last minute because the wind was too high. The first site didn’t bode well for a productive night with no visual or vocal […]

Wailing in the night

One of the ways of determining population density of some species of carnivore is to take advantage of their opportunistic nature and play calls of a distressed prey animal over loud speakers to attract them to the area. By working out how far the call can be heard, we can work out the area that […]

Darting Lions and Wild Dogs on Venetia

The battery life on radio-collars is limited and so from time to time we need to change the collars on long-term study animals to make sure they don’t expire. The size of the battery determines the length of its life, so we have to find the best trade off between the weight of the collar […]