Monthly Archives: February 2008

Hyaena marking posts

We have two different species of Hyaena resident on Venetia, Brown and the more familiar Spotted varieties. Both have a tendency to mark their territories through the use of middens where they leave their droppings, along the routes they walk. These are very effective message boards where individuals can pick up useful information about who […]

Training the conservationists of tomorrow

The Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Conservation Leadership Group has a number of students who they train up as future conservationists, and we have created an internship opportunity on the project to help offer valuable practical experience. Azwafarwi is our first field assistant in this position and he is studying towards his Nature Conservation Diploma through UNISA. […]

Finding cheetah signs

This photo is of a cheetah scent marking tree. It is one of the cheetahs under the tree. I wanted to point out the type of vegetation these cheetahs are living in too. Here you can see how high game fences force animals to walk along the fences, therefore making it likely that spoor density […]

New Lion cubs at Venetia

A new litter of lions has been born on the reserve! We are not sure yet which of a pair of sisters has had the cubs, as they were both mated a few months ago. One sister, Tsotsi, was mated by a known male on the reserve, and the other, Picannin, by a strange male […]

Rather exciting news on the Cheetah front! I saw tracks of two adult Cheetahs a couple of days ago and now, in the same area, someone was lucky enough to see two male Cheetahs, very relaxed, going about their business and scent marking a tree. Cheetahs have particular trees in their ranges that they scent […]

Spoor counts are the order of the day at the moment on the project. By driving along sandy roads and recording what footprints we see, we can get an estimation of the amount of activity of each species in the area. People have found in other areas that the level of this activity directly relates […]

Welcome to the carnivore frontier!

There is a beautiful wilderness area in southern Africa where three countries and two rivers meet. It is becoming the new Limpopo-Shashe Trans Frontier Conservation Area (TFCA) one of Africa’s most important Peace Parks. This blog is about conservation in this spectacular corner of Africa. South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana meet at the confluence of […]